HS 10

The soldering wire HS10 is a product which has proven itself for many years that has been developed for high quality requirements in industrial manufacturing and for fast repair and resoldering.

It stands out due to high activity, i.e. rapid dispersion and electrically safe residues.

The soldering wire HS10 can be used for manual and machine soldering in the area of electrical engineering and electronics.
  • Halogen-activated natural resin (colophony)
  • Rapid dispersion
  • Solid, non-adhesive residues which can remain at the soldering point.
  • No-Clean
Flux typeROM1 (IEC 61190-1-3) / 1.1.2.B (DIN EN 29454-1) / F-SW26
Flux contentstandard 2,5 weight % ± 0,3 %
Halide content0,9%
Standard alloysLead-containing
 Lead-free (Ecoloy Serie)
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