The Soldering Wire 2630 is used where the activation of Soldering Wire HS10 is not sufficient.

It is particularly used for joints on transformers and for soldering on copper cables with large cross sections where the high thermal capacity of the parts to be soldered makes the use of a stronger flux necessary.

The Soldering Wire 2630 can be used well for joints on nickel surfaces, on critical components and for robot soldering combined with short cycle times.
  • Strong halogenated activation
  • Rapid dispersion
Flux typeROM1 (IEC 61190-1-3) / 1.1.2.B (DIN EN 29454-1) / F-SW26
Flux content2,2 weight % ± 0,3 % (lead-containing) /
 2,0 weight % (lead-free) % ± 0,3 % (lead-containing)
Halide content1,7%
Standard alloysLead-containing
 Lead-free (Ecoloy Serie)
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