Solder Paste for reflow and vapor phase soldering

JEAN-151 is a ROL0 classified, halide-free, no-clean solder paste formulation with improved slump to prevent bridging and bead formation.

The standard alloy SAC305 is particularly suitable for the reflow process. With the standard alloy, JEAN-151 is the only printing paste available up to grain size 5. In addition, the silver-free, bismuth-containing solder SN100CV® is available for the highest reliability requirements. The alloys SN100C® and SCAN-Ge071 can also be used in the reflow process. Furthermore, the melting range of SCAN-Ge071 and SN100CV® alloys makes them ideal for use in the vapor phase to minimize tombstone effects.

IPC-J-STD-004-A: 2004: ROL0
IPC-J-STD-005: 1995 (powder): T3/T4/T5           
particle size [µm]: 25-45/20-38/15-25

Packing and storage:
jar PP [g] 500
small cartridge HDPE [g] 650
big catridge HDPE [g] 1300
Cessete [g] 800

Shelf life (months):12 
Storage temperature: 4-10 °C
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