BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN100CS+® is a new variant of the unique and highly regarded lead-free solder BALVER ZINN SN100C® with a content of 250ppm (0.025%) of germanium. 

In the BALVER ZINN SN100C® formulation, Ge plays the role of antioxidant, preferentially reacting with oxygen to protect the solder from the oxidation that results in the formation of dross.

Due to the bigger amount of germanium, BALVER ZINN solder SN100CS+® is especially suitable for applications without nitrogen. BALVER ZINN SN100CS+® has all the other advantages that have made BALVER ZINN SN100C® so popular, including substantially reduced copper dissolution. The lower surface tension of the solder surface deoxidized with Ge means better wetting and flow. BALVER ZINN SN100CS+ should be used for the first fill and the top up of a solder pot when it is expected that it might be difficult to maintain Ge at the level required for effective oxidation control.

  • Variant of SN100C®
  • Increased germanium level: 250ppm
  • Easy upgrading of SN100C® alloys
  • Lead-free
  • Dross reduction up to 20%
  • Higher wettability
  • Higher stress-deformation level
  • Lower surface tension
  • Higher fl owability
  • Reduced copper dissolution
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