The BALVER ZINN SCAN-Ge series are patented alloys with different contents of copper and silver. 

By addition of Nickel and Germanium BALVER ZINN SCAN-Ge exhibits better fluidity in comparison with standard silver containing alloys. BALVER ZINN SOLDER SCAN-Ge shows shiny solder joints with fine grained and homogenous microstructure in comparison with standard SnAg3.0Cu0.5. In the BALVER ZINN SOLDER SCAN-Ge formulation Ge plays the role of antioxidant, preferentially reacting with oxygen to protect the solder from the oxidation that results in the formation of dross.

Ge is also appropriate for less copper dissolution better wetting time and reduction of bridging. The fine grained microstructure and high ductility of the SCAN-Ge series confer reliability that is similar to that of the well known lead free alloy BALVER ZINN SN100C™ (SnCuNiGe). BALVER ZINN SOLDERS SCAN-Ge series are part of the new micro – alloyed range of lead free solders based on SnAg. For additional information please refer to the product data sheet.
  • Combination of SN100C® and SAC-alloys with different silver contents
  • Low dross formation
  • Shiny solder joints
  • Reliability
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