Due to its solid content, the halogen-free activated No-Clean Flux EF200 shows low activity.

The low amounts of residue left by EF200 which can remain on the  solder joints are beneficial here.

The flux EF200 is suitable for spray and foam fluxers. Due to the low activity, good results are obtained when used in a full nitrogen tunnel wave soldering system. It can also be used well in the area of solar module manufacture.

​Product Advantages
  • Low residues
  • Chemical/physical safety
  • Resin-free 
  • Can be foamed well
Colour: colourless
Density at (20°C): 0,811 g/cm3
Flash point (closed crucible): 12°C
Ignition temperature: 425°C
Solid content: 2,0%
Acid rating: 22,0 mg KOH/g
Halide content: none
Thinner Stannol VD-E 900
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