PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. obtained the prestigious award “TOP RATING” again

Only very narrow groups of 2 % of Czech and Slovak companies have the opportunity to receive this prestigious Top Rating® award, assuming risk rating of the D & B Rating is kept at the highest possible value of "1" for at least 12 months.

PBT company Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. it ranks among the best-rated companies in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in terms of risk, stability and safe trading, thus increasing its prestige not only on the Czech market but also in the world.

We believe that the TOP RATING® certificate is for our current and future customers in addition to the regularly renewed certificate according to EN ISO 9001: 2009 and 14001: 2005 proof of the company's stability and the constantly high quality and professionalism of the provided products and services.

What is D & B RATING?

The D & B Rating itself is based on two parts - financial strength calculated from equity or equity, and a risk indicator that outlines the likelihood of success of a business transaction due to the size of the risk of potential bankruptcy of the entity.
For many years, the D & B Rating has been recognized as a leading predictor of risk assessment companies around the world and their potential bankruptcy over the 12-month period. This unique capability of D & B rating protects against potential cash flow problems and provides a great opportunity for companies to adjust their business conditions to their customers and strategic vendors in time to prevent significant financial losses.

D & B Rating is updated daily in the D & B database, based on the amount of carefully acquired information that is processed on basis of the DUNSRight ™ internal D & B process.