Rentgenové počítadlo součástek OC-SCAN CCX.3 od průkopníků této technologie. Přesná znalost skladu  umožňuje efektivní výrobní procesy, dodávky včas a také řešení v případě úzkých míst. 

The annual inventory becomes superfluous by using the X-Ray The CCX is certified by an auditor’s report and provides a permanent inventory count for tax purposes.The counting of SMD-components on reels is fast, exact and contactless. Even the counting results of reels with dry packs and large components in high volume packaging are absolutely exact. The operation of the CCX is intuitive and is supported by an automatic component recognition and artificial database intelligence. EMS companies can count provided components per order and also assign them to individual customer orders within the database.

Increased productivity based on precise inventory knowledge

  • Planning safety based on precise actual inventory
  • Reduction of downtime and multiple setting-ups
  • Post-order calculation of consumed material immediately after completion of production
  • Reliable delivery terms, increased customer satisfaction

Cost reduction based on automated component counts

  • No special procurements and cost intensive additional purchases
  • Inventory reduction based on real stock
  • Reduction of capital tie-up
  • Optimized storage
  • No safety stock levels and scrapping

Component safety based on permanent real-time overview

  • Permanent inventory
  • Precise stock knowledge of the whole component stock or per customer order
  • Connection to an IT infrastructure and adjustment of minimum quantities

Reduced costs based on a high degree of automation

  • Quick counting of auxiliary equipment (customers) for inbound and return deliveries
  • Inventory at the touch of a button
  • Information base for efficient material purchase
  • Fault reduction during component counting
  • Continuous operation 24/7
  • Maintenance-free system
  • Intuitive operation and automatic component recognition
  • Data safety by intelligent database onsite

Higher Customer satisfaction due delivery reliability

  • Component bottleneck recognition through exact and permanent inventory knowledge
  • Keep the timeline of production through precise material management
  • Observance of confirmed delivery dates
  • Automatic component recognition – Automated parameter setting and counting of unknown components
  • Intelligent database onsite
  • Verification of results through plausibility check; a prerequisite for automation.
  • Counting of component chains: large components in high packing density can be counted precisely to pieces with new software function
  • Dry pack: special software function recognizes interference factor and focusses the evaluation only on the building parts
  • Quad-Count – Fourfold counting: we count four bundles in 20 seconds with a scan
  • Stick & Trays: high precision counting in <10 seconds
  • Order counting (exact use per order)
  • Inventory mode
  • 2D inspection for electronic components and assembled circuit boards
  • Individual solutions (customized)
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