Zestron EYE

Online real-time Concentration Measurement System

The ZESTRON® EYE is a digital monitoring system that enables the precise measurement and control of cleaning bath concentration for electronics cleaning processes in real time and irrespective of flux loading. It is easily integrated within commonly used cleaning machine types and manufacturers. 
ZESTRON® EYE is specifically designed for ZESTRON cleaning agents and provides:
  • Precise and automatic concentration measurement for fresh and loaded cleaning baths
  • Real time cleaner concentration management to quickly react to changes of the cleaner concentration in the running process
  • Continuous data storage for traceability of monitored process parameters
  • Touch screen interface for ease of use
  • Ability to integrate with the cleaning equipment PLC and automated dosing system
  • ZESTRON® EYE Basic Software - connect the ZESTRON® EYE to your PC or Laptop
  • Reduced operator workload due to automated measurements
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