Micro Point Pro

Micro Point Pro Ltd. (MPP), formerly K&S Micro-Swiss Wedge & Die Attach Tools division, was founded in 2010. Since then, MPP has established itself as a global leader in the semiconductor marketplace, in both the back and front end.

MPP offers comprehensive solutions to meet our customers' growing demands for high-precision expendable tools for the micro-electronics industry for all major packaging processes. MPP is also a world leader in the manufacturing of Probe Heads that measure resistivity of wafers or thin conductive films.

MPP strives for continuous growth. In January 2016, MPP acquired K&S’s Manual Wire Bonders Division. Our goal is to continue to lead the manual wire bonders industry with our state-of-the-art products and services.

MPP has further established itself as a leading supplier of standard and customized high-precision tools and parts for the Medical, Aerospace and Military Industries. With sophisticated and unique manufacturing equipment, along with patented coating technologies, MPP provides high-quality solutions with the best cost of ownership, allowing customers to rapidly meet the demanding needs of their industry. MPP takes pride in its flexible engineering and manufacturing environment, which facilitate responsiveness and short time to market without compromising quality.

Our professional engineers are available to discuss optimization of design and process of parts with complex geometry and tight tolerances, manufactured from a variety of advanced metals, plastics and ceramics.